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Center for Supportive Schools

For over 40 years, the Center for Supportive Schools has provided schools with solutions that enable and inspire students to become more engaged learners; develop positive social-emotional and healthy behaviors; and navigate pivotal transitions. CSS helps schools identify and put into place whole-school and targeted interventions that provide an integrated focus on academic, social, and emotional learning, such that every student and family has strong relationships with the school and an individualized pathway to success. Each child and family is strongly connected with at least one school-based adult; each family participates and partners with the school to provide students with an outstanding education; and students and families benefit from comprehensive expanded learning, enrichment activities, and wraparound services. With CSS’s support, schools implement a comprehensive and transformative whole school strategy that effectively meets the
social, emotional, health needs of all students, with the vision of facilitating student success.

Our work in community schools include:

  • Attendance support and initiatives to promote and increase students attending school regularly

  • Supporting students and families by providing opportunities for parents to engage with the school through events, groups and individual meetings

  • Connecting students and families to academic and social services such as adult learning classes, the food pantry, referrals for Public assistance and other social services

  • Working with the school community to provide enrichment programs for students such as chess, art and dance through the Astor clinic

  • Expanding mental health services and access to all students and families

Engaging and empowering families by creating leadership opportunities and by fostering two-way communication between school and community
CSS and P.S. 42 have collaborated on initiatives such as providing families with a COVID-19 relief fund, providing dental and vision services to every student and providing opportunities for engagement with students, parents and school staff like the homecoming carnival that took place at the beginning of this school year. Together, we are a resource for the entire school community. If you or your family need any support, please feel free to reach out to the Community School Director, Cat Eugenio at:

Office: (718) 583-7366 Ext. 1061
Cell phone:
(347) 242-5871

Please feel free to complete this form: and someone will get back to you.

Thank you and we look forward to working together to support your child and family.

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