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How do I request an i-pad or get technical assistance through the city?

How do I get started with Google Classroom?

How do I get started with ZOOM?

How do I upload a picture to Google Classroom?

STEP 1 - Work on assignment using a notepad, composition book, lined paper, or anything you can write on

STEP 2 - Upload photo to Google Classroom two ways with good lighting

On iPads, tablets, or iPhones, click the ADD ATTACHMENT or the PAPERCLIP button at the top or bottom of your screen then select TAKE PHOTO or UPLOAD

On your computer, click on SHARE IMAGE or the SQUARE WITH ARROW ON TOP then select GOOGLE CLASSROOM or ADD ATTACHMENT then select your picture

How do I upload an assignment to Google Classroom?

Video of how to upload an assignment.

Extra Tech Help

If you have any questions or your tablet is not working properly please contact your teacher to troubleshoot in the contact page or through Class Dojo. If the issue is still unresolved, please contact 718-583-7366 for further assistance.

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