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At the Claremont Community School, we offer an English Language Art (ELA) block for both lower (K-2) and upper (3-5) grades.  We use the HMH into Reading curriculum to support students in ELA. Also, we use the Fundations and Heggerty curriculum, which is a systematic phonics, spelling, and handwriting program to aid in foundational skills required for successful readers and writers.  The Literacy block encourages dialogue, creativity, and interaction with peers.  Our students can discover English Language Arts at a level they can understand while still being challenged to grow in their understanding and Below you will see the different components for each grade band:  

A rubric of reading time and reading related activities per grade.


At P.S. 42 our mathematics curriculum is Envisions Math. We have created a math block which helps teachers target different aspects of mathematics which is followed from Kindergarten to Fifth grade:

A rubric reagarding time spent on different aspects of learning math.
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