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I-Ready sign in page

What is I-Ready?

I-Ready starts with a diagnostic test where your child will take both reading and mathematics assessments. They're strengths and what they need to work on in order to reach or exceed grade level is used by our teachers as data points to inform their instruction. Teachers also assign online lessons that provide tailored instruction and practice for each student to accelerate growth. This collection of rigorous reading and mathematical instructional resources are designed to address every student’s learning needs, accelerate growth, and enable all students to access grade-level learning. I-Ready also provides student engagement through motivation, personalized instruction, learning games, and other resources. It also addresses learning gaps, provides scaffolded supports, challenges above-level students, and prepares all students for state and national standards.

How do I sign into I-Ready?

  1. Click on username and enter your child’s username.  

  2. Click on password and enter your child’s password. 

  3. Finally, select the state as New York. 

  4.  Please contact your teacher through the contact information page or your child's teacher Class DoJo page if you need help with either the username or password for this account so they can assist you.

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