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The Claremont Mission:

At P.S. 42, we believe students learn best when we set high yet attainable expectations for
all learners through rigorous data-based instruction and supports that target the individual a
cademic and social-emotional needs of the whole child.

With the support of parents, staff, and the community, students will demonstrate
intellectual growth, and social-emotional stability, and build confidence to take an active
role in their learning.

It is by providing critical love, fostering historical literacy, and nurturing the
development of their diverse identities that we will help students make meaning of their
lives and become critically literate citizens that can advocate against oppressive systems
that have historically disenfranchised them. A mindse
t for equity cultivates a joy for
learning and love for all.

    Our Community Vision: 


       We believe all children learn best when…

  • They are motivated and take ownership of their learning in an actively engaging environment

  • They have instruction geared towards their ability, learning styles and needs

  • They know what is expected of them academically and socially

  • They feel safe within a positive, caring environment where social and emotional needs are met

  • Parents are actively involved and feel welcomed in their child’s school

  • Teachers have the content knowledge to make work rigorous, meaningful and connected to real life


PS 42 Goals:


09X042 2023-2024 CEP Goals

By June 2024, the percentage of all students who make projected growth will
increase 10%, from 50 to 60, as measured by individualized MAP Growth


By June 2024, percentage of all students who read at or above grade level will
increase 18%, from 32 to 50%, as measured by Fountas & Pinnell Reading


By June 2024, the percentage of all students making projected growth in math will
increase by 8% from 67% to 75% as per MAP Growth Assessment data.


By June 2024, an improvement in overall quality of student discussion will be
evidenced by an 11% increase in the percentage of staff who respond positively to
this question on the annual Learning Environment Survey.


By June 2024, to strengthen the quality and implementation of IPs for All
Students with Disabilities (SWD), we will improve Alignment of SDI (Specialized
Design Instruction) in the Present Level of Performance (PLOP) of all IPs by
Increase 10, from 80% to 90, as measured by IEP Review Survey and internal IEP
reviews by Sped Team

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