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P.B.I.S - What is P.B.I.S?

P.B.I.S. stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions Supports.  At P.S. 42X, our school core values are aligned with being Respectful, Responsible, Caring, and Safe.

How does P.B.I.S contribute to a positive school culture?

PBIS implementation involves explicitly prompting, modeling, practicing, and encouraging positive expected social skills across settings and individuals. When students are taught to effectively use relevant expected social skills for themselves and with others, school climates are described as more positive, learning environments are designated as safer, and student-educator relationships are referred to be more trusting and respectful.

School Song


P.S. 42
The place for me and you
Where we learn and we play and grow friendships every day
Our P.S. 42

Respectful, responsible and caring
Are the qualities we show
Where we learn and we play and grow friendship every day
Our P.S. 42

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