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What is a community school?

Community Schools are neighborhood hubs where students receive high-quality academic instruction, families can access social services, and communities congregate to share resources and address their common challenges. Students who are hungry, cannot see the blackboard, or are missing school regularly face critical obstacles to learning in the classroom. By providing an extra meal, connecting a parent to job training, or enrolling a student in an afterschool program, they can lower barriers to learning and help kids succeed. 


In order to fill these gaps within the PS 42 school community, we have partnered with Bronxworks, to operate the community school program and provide support to all of our students and their families.  Bronxworks, as an agency, has been providing services to the Bronx for almost 50 years. The agency operates food pantries, housing and homeless services, senior centers, immigration and legal assistance, health services and job training and education.   


Through Bronxworks, our community school focuses on increasing student attendance through outreach and identifying the supports needed to ensure student attendance and arrival at the school. We also focus on providing food access, connecting families to public benefits, mental health services, Family housing, and more.  We are a service hub for the entire family and a full service resource within the school. We are here to help.  


If you need any help, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Reach us here: 

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